If my child gets their drivers license, do I have to insure them even if they are not driving our cars?

ANSWER:  The answer is "YES". A driver's license gives an individual the authority to legally drive.  That means at any time they can hop into anyone's vehicle with permission and drive, including household vehicles.  Many parents believe that if they only drive their car occasionally they do not have to insure them. This is almost always a problem, because even an occasional use can bring about an accident and usually does.  Since they are new to driving it is almost predictable they will have an accident which puts the parent's auto insurance policy at risk.. The insurance company will have the duty to investigate and if liable pay for damages on your behalf.  Your policy is priced according to who the drivers are in the household to collect the proper premium and certainly a young driver is riskier than without, therefore it is necessary to change the policy accordingly.  No one like the additional cost, but most parents understand that if they allow their children to get licensed then adding them to their policy is the right thing to do.  If you do not want to pay the additional cost of a young driver then the best thing to do is to postpone your child's ability to get their license until they can help pay for the cost.  Just like uninsured drivers cost everyone so does undisclosed drivers in the household who have accidents.

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